3 Technologies that Will Change the Way We Live in 2018

Yes, technology is changing at a very rapid pace and each year we are facing some new, interesting challenges that are overcome thanks to its power. But how can technology actually change the way we live? The reason here is simple, we use technology in order to solve day to day problems, but actually changing the way we live via technology seems like an overstatement for some people. But is it the case or not?  Guy Galboiz, CEO for a technology company,  created a small list with some of the technologies that we believe they are going to change the future and our lives in 2018.

The internet of things

Sure, we already have an iteration of IOE, but this is not perfect. Thankfully, the internet of things is getting better and better to the point where the value will be more than impressive and interesting all the time. We can expect new devices to become a part of the internet of things, not to mention that there is lots of quality to be had in the end as well. Can we expect more challenges in the end? Absolutely, because the internet of things evolves and grows all the time. However, we expect 2018 to be the year when this will be largely accessible and very easy to use.

Self driving cars

Obviously, this is one of the most important technologies that can change our lives and 2018 seems like the best year when this particular tech will start working properly. There is a lot of challenge to be had when it comes to making these cars drive in a proper manner. With the right tech and a good production value, we can expect self driving cars to be amazing and nothing short of impressive in the long term. Hopefully we will have some extraordinary results in the end with this type of vehicles, although only time will tell!

Tech implants

Yes, implants that will be integrated seamlessly in our body and which will allow us to interact with any desired software product. It may seem like sci-fi to you, but it is possible and it can happen. When it will happen? 2018 sounds like a great year for this, although we do have to focus on the potential tech evolution this year. One thing is certain, more and more people are opting for these implants now, however it’s only next year when we can actually see some worthwhile advancements.

Tech is indeed amazing right now and it gets better and better all the time. You certainly have tons of value right in front of you, so hopefully things will end up getting better and better as you explore all the options. It’s safe to say that there is a lot of value to be had by integrating tech in our day to day lives, it all comes down to us to make the most out of it sooner rather than later, that’s for sure. Hopefully this will happen in 2018.