How to Market Products Using Reddit

by Guy Galboiz

Reddit is one of the social news aggregators that allows user to post about any topic and allows interaction with other users.  A social news aggregator makes possible the gathering of posts and updates from different social media feeds.  It is a great tool for promoting web content and to engage people on discussion about a subject.

2018 was a great year for Reddit. It garnered 153 million posts, 2 billion comments and more than 20 million votes. By these statistics alone, one can see how Reddit can help businesses with their marketing efforts.

Reddit is one source of traffic for a website. With this platform, the marketer can lead consumers to products on a website.  Promotion can be made through submission of product links that are relevant to a target group.

Test post are allowed. This self-post, as they call it, allows a marketer to introduce a product or service fully. Original content from a blog or website can be posted and people can vote on the post. This concept is known as karma. A marketer can post updates as well.

Effective Way to Market a Product or Service through Reddit

In 2018, there were 138,000 active Reddit communities with a variety of interests. They are called “subreddits”. The initial thing to do is find a community or a target group that would have an interest on the product or services.  Another way of doing this is to create a community to drive the marketing.  For example, a product that deals with dog shampoo.  A search for the word is made and Reddit would generate the subreddits on this subject.  If the product is somewhat specific like dry dog shampoo, then the marketer can build a community for people who are interested to discuss this product.

Once the marketer has identified the subreddits then participation on the discussions can be made. Before delving into the promotion, it is important to participate in the discussions to build credibility.  The marketer should see to it that product knowledge or subject matter knowledge is apparent and that he or she is an authority on the subject.  This builds trust by others in the community.

A marketer must be a subject matter expert. Those in the community will show trust by voting on the post.  Too many downvotes is not good for marketing. Marketer should gain reputation before posting any product or service and reputations takes a bit of time to build.

The First Submission

As soon as a good karma is gained then the marketer can start posting content. The marketer can post a link or URL and a relevant description to drive traffic to the website.

Use proper capitalization and punctuation for the post so users will know that the uploaded content is all about easily.

A marketer can post tags. Be sure to check with Reddit guidelines on this regard. The relevant tags help users to find products, services and subject matters.

How Reddit Can Help With SEO

Reddit can be a tremendous source of traffic but before anything else the marketer should do a research what type of content sits well with the platform. Making hasty posts will be a waster of time and effort and will not gain any traffic to the

The content submitted should be unique and relevant. In doing so, people will likely visit the website and share information about the product or service in other social media channels. Quality back-links are built through Reddit.  Reddit is beneficial to SEO efforts.

Reddit attracts targeted markets if quality content is published. It will bring traffic to the website and has a substantial SEO value to the marketer.

The marketer can post videos which is another tool to engage people to visit a website.

Reddit as a Marketing Tool

Reddit started in June 23, 2015. Since then it has become an invaluable tool for online marketing. It is a growing platform for content creators, and they can be sure that their message will reach targeted groups.

The key here is relevant content.  A marketer should participate in discussions to build trust in what he or she knows about the subject. Once this is achieved, marketer can start with posting content driving traffic to the website.

The communities are growing every day and evolving.  The changes should be part of marketing strategy. Marketer should explore other subreddits to gain visibility and to know what is needed by the communities.

Marketers should provide value for the content posted and must see to it that engagements are gained.  With such a strategy, Reddit can make a difference for marketing efforts.