Guy Galboiz is a technology entrepreneur, investor and an IT thought leader. Guy is the founder of ClickLogiq and B-Capital, to name a few. Guy Galboiz’s group of companies are focused on the online marketing automation and monetization, SaaS CRM platforms, IT and online Fintech trading and lending platforms.

Guy Galboiz is the founder of Protonix, an online real-estate fund focused on the German market.

As an angel investor Guy’s investment portfolio includes start-ups in additional domains such as eCommerce and online education.

Prior to that, Guy held executive positions as VP Business Development at YouTrade Capital Markets, an FSA regulated retail Forex, CFD and equities company, and as the Chief Operations Officer at Forex Place (FXTG), an ASIC regulated retail forex company.

Where does Guy Galboiz work?

  1. Guy Galboiz works in Galboiz Marketing Agency
  2. Guy Galboiz is en entrepreneur in the FinTech field

What are Guy Galboiz hobbies?

  1. Guy Galboiz likes to ski in the winter
  2. Guy Galboiz likes to dine

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