To write persuasive web copy, it really is an advantage to know how to successfully write for off-line publications. Because Copywriting techniques that work off-line, also work equally well on-line! We must make some changes of course to accommodate the restrictions imposed by the computer screen, and the problems that navigation sometimes presents. But the successful techniques for effective web copy remain the same. And these techniques have been around for decades.

Good web copy doesn’t attract the attention it deserves. Copy just isn’t cool. Because good persuasive copy doesn’t attract attention to itself. It sits there on the page delivering its message skillfully and unobtrusively, focusing attention on the PRODUCT and the READER. And quietly doing its job of selling. And most of the successful Internet marketers employ excellent, uncluttered copy on their sites. That’s why they are successful.

It’s so easy and cheap to build a Website these days and set up a storefront. And that’s great. There’s room for the small guy to compete alongside the ‘big guns’. And with no previous business or advertising experience he can build a 100-page super-duper animated site in minutes. But when the sales don’t come in the answer seems to be to change the animated GIFs, Java scripts, site banners and other gizmos to grab the attention.

Meanwhile the clever marketers, the successful ones, rake in the sales with strong, professionally crafted selling copy. And it’s copies they’ve taken the time to learn for themselves. Or they’ve employed a good professional copywriter to do it for them. They know it’s WORDS that sell, not gizmos. Which words? Words that SELL!

After you have drawn up the approximate overall structure of your site, and BEFORE you design the fine details, decide WHAT you’re going to say and WHO you are going to say it to.

THEN begin writing your copy.

Write it, re-write it and cut out the dead wood.

Crystallize your message. Hone it, polish it, and examine every single word for relevancy and maximum effect. Keep re-writing it until you’re sure it’s a winner!

Don’t be tempted to ‘make do’. If it takes a week and it’s still not right – spend another week until it is right. And a third week if need be until you’re absolutely convinced you can’t improve another single word. Remember-it’s your profits that’s at stake!

Here’s an Excellent Tip.

Print out your copy and read it out loud. If it doesn’t sound like an everyday conversation there’s something wrong. Have a friend read it out to you. If she stumbles over any words, or must re-read a sentence, you’ll know it needs re-writing.

Then build the Web site around your copy.

Only add pictures and graphics if you are convinced, they enhance and support your copy! That way you will see that most of the beautifully designed logos, banners and gizmos you had in mind, will simply distract your readers from the one most important thing on your site – your sales message.

Here’s A Few Other Important Points.

1) Far too many web sites have no headline. If your Web pages haven’t got headlines, give them one NOW.

Just because your reader is already at your page doesn’t necessarily mean he knows what to expect. A headline TELLS him what to expect. It also gives you, your company, and your site an identity that hopefully your reader will remember.

2) Fire your BIGGEST GUN first – in your headline.

3) Push your USP into your reader’s face.

4) Pack your message with benefits, benefits and more benefits.

5) Use plenty of white space.

6) Break your copy up into bite-sized chunks.

7) Make it easy to contact you from every page.

8) Place a ‘HOME’ button on every page.

9) Make your copy if it needs to be to get your WHOLE message across.

10) EMPHASIZE your key points.

11) Use Testimonials with imagination. Don’t just list them on a separate page. Your readers won’t look for them.

12) TELL your reader what to do. (e.g. Order Now!)

13) Make it extremely easy to order.

14) SHOW your reader how to order.

15) At the ordering stage re-state your guarantee.

16) After she has submitted her order make sure she is told the   order has been received. Then send her a Thank you email. She needs to be re-assured she has made the right decision. Prevent ‘Buyer’s Remorse’ or she may cancel!

17) Be totally professional about absolutely everything.

So, there you have it. A very brief summary of the copywriting techniques used by the most successful Marketers and Copywriters on and off the Web!

Just ordinary people with the good sense to stick to proven methods which achieve EXTRAORDINARY RESULTS!

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