Using Cloud Telephony for Speed and Efficiency

One innovation in communications that proven to be more efficient than any other form is cloud telephone.  Business communications has never been too fast.  Not only is it useful as a communication tool but shows that it is the next big thing to invest on. Guy Galboiz, a technology expert, provide more information how cloud telephony can enhance business efficiency.

The past year have had an increase awareness and use of cloud telephony. This popularity and its growth have consequently increased the demand for its services like call data analytics, virtual numbers, IVR and more.

Also known as cloud calling or hosted telephony, the technology is now accepted globally, and further technological innovations are expected in the coming months.  It is foreseen that the trend towards voice bots, data analysis and multi-lingual innovations will enhance efficiency regardless of business section.

Ease of use and implementation by shifting to the cloud is one reason why this technology is preferred than other systems like PABX.

The technology is adopted by major players in banking, healthcare, consumer and retail goods, public and private institutions, information technology and the telecom industry.  Most have implemented due to the low operational cost and for customer service.  With cloud telephony, customers can expect a seamless and a more developed communication system.

Cloud telephony’s forecast up to 2023 is seen to be a steady growth. The United States is seen as the spearheading this growth with Canada and Mexico.  The growth chalks up the advancement of the IT infrastructures and the sprouting of cloud telephony solution providers those regions.

Cloud Technology Trends


There has been a vast shift of communication solutions from transistors to land phones to smart phones.  Almost everything is now on the cloud.  It is common to interact with voice bots. Industries who have a high influx of customer or client calls have found solutions to repetitive tasks and questions through voice bots.  These AI-driven chat replies free operators from mundane questions. These voice bots help businesses to lessen human effort as well as operational costs.

Multi-Lingual Capabilities

Guy Galboiz explains that “Many companies have gone global and have reached customers beyond the natural borders.   The cloud is adopted to assist in personalization of services allowing interaction and a comfortable experience.”

In this manner, the customer can choose which language will have the option of the language to be used in the conversation.

Voice-Analytics from Recorded Calls

Analytics is a vital marketing tool to help industries understand customers and other forces that drive sales.  Companies want to know more about satisfaction levels, the quality of the service and recommendations on improvements.

Cloud telephony makes it possible to have customer calls recorded for analysis.  These calls are a gold-mind for insights into customers’ preferences.  The solution allows a view on marketing efforts as well.

Cloud Telephony is Scalable

Here lies the beauty of cloud telephony. It is highly scalable and integration to other SaaS (Software as a Service) tools is not difficult.  Calls can be answered from any device at any place without restrictions.

Cloud telephony is flexible to handle any scale of communications from a large customer base to simple one-on-one infrequent calls.  Enterprises can grow the cloud telephony applications as they grow.

Without a doubt, cloud telephone is the next big thing in communications. It is apparent that more and more innovations will be made to make this a more efficient technology.