It is common knowledge that bloggers and other website owners garner considerable revenues from the traffic on their sites.  These bloggers create content about topics that people enjoy reading and in turn make money from such venture.  Some would argue that such is a difficult thing to do but in reality it is not. It just takes some effort and consistency. Here lies the power of internet traffic and how profit can be made. This article by Guy Galboiz, successful internet marketer, provides some insights on how to make money from traffic.

Optimize the blog or website

Before anything else a blog or website must be optimized for people to find the website on search engines.  This is what is called search engine optimization or SEO. It is necessary to practice good SEO strategies in the design and maintenance of the website. This is an ongoing process to keep up with competition. Hundreds and thousands of people are now turning to internet marketing and the website should be unique and engaging for it to have consistent traffic.

For blog sites, the content must be interesting and of quality. Nobody wants to read about something obviously copied from another website.  Bloggers should settle on a specific niche to establish expertise on that field. Once people know that a certain blog is giving quality and informative content, people will return and traffic to the site is generated.

Affiliate Marketing

A popular method to make money from internet traffic is through affiliate marketing. A website owner can advertise and sell products that are carried by another website and get a percentage or commission from every sale. This is an advantage because an affiliate marketer do not need to carry inventory and other operating costs.

CPM and PPC Marketing

Cost Per Mille (CPM) or Pay Per Click (PPC) are advertising types that can be used to make money using a website.  For PPC, payment is made every time a click is made on an ad on the website.  CPM is when a visitor sees the ad on the website, and this is paid by the advertiser.   These two methods require registration on an advertising network (i.e. Google Adsense). A code is then given to embed on the website.

Sponsored Blog Posts

Once a blog has gain credibility and known to be a subject matter expert, people will automatically ask for backlinks to their websites or blog.  This is a good way to get revenue from traffic.  The blogger might be asked to make a review on a product or service and gets paid to do so.

Sell Products

A direct way to make money is by selling a product or service on the website. The important thing is that the website should be accepted as an authority of a certain niche.  People tend to buy or avail of services from reputable websites and will always be returning customers when they are satisfied with the service.


Making money online is not a big task if the website owner has the determination to make use of the website.  Traffic is going to be natural and high if the website lands on the first few pages of the search engines.  There are many strategies that can help website owners attain traffic.