Marketing strategies have moved from the usual advertising strategy to making quality content distributed through various channels. There is increase competition for target markets and the changing preferences of consumers make the creation of content more challenging and demanding.  A balance have to be made to achieve quality and promotion.  There should be right synergy to get the desired results.

Guy Galboiz provides effective and simple tips to help content go viral and get noticed by consumers:

Do not abuse keywords

To ensure that the content ranks on search engines, it is vital to have the essential keywords. Keyword strategy includes:

  • Inclusion of the keyword on the title tag
  • H1 tag must have primary keyword
  • Internal links of keywords to relevant pages
  • Avoid keyword stuffing

Overcrowding content with keywords is never a good method.  Such pages will be avoided by the search engines. Not only is there a technical reason, too many keywords does not read well with people therefore puts readers off from the site.

Content must stir the reader’s emotions for engagement

People search the web for information or to address the need.  Content should be able to spark the emotions and interest of the reader. People react in different ways to writing tone. Amusing content gets shared with others. Powerful and opinionated content will get attention.

Leverage on Visuals

Long articles and too much information in one spread tend to have a negative effect on readers.  People prefer concise information that goes through directly to the topic. A good strategy is to have visual content in the form of infographics, videos, and posters. These make content more appealing and catches the attention of the reader more than verbose articles.

Get noticed by an influencer

When the content is endorsed by a subject matter expert, this is one sure way of getting content go viral.  People notice when an article is commented upon by an expert. This Is because credibility is an important factor in the internet world. Most influencers are active on social media and getting an acknowledgement or a report from them goes a long, long way.