“The world now is getting smaller with communication technology that is evolving better and better.”, says Guy Galboiz, a successful entrepreneur and technology expert.  He talked about a productivity protocol developed by Sonarax, a Haifa-based company.

Such connectivity protocol will innovate mobile payment as well as mapping. The protocol is readily available for any device with a microphone or a speaker.  This adds more to Bluetooth and WIFI connectivity.

“Sonarax’s connectivity protocol is based on sonic or sound waves”, Galboiz further explains.  The protocol was introduced during the World Mobile Congress held in Barcelona, Spain last year. This protocol will be able to connect one machine to another one (m2m) and has shown to do a variety of tasks.  Among the applications for such protocol would be payments, bank applications, P2P/SMB Micro Merchants.

Guy Galboiz is very positive on the use of such technology and looks forward to better communication through sonic data transfer.